This is a response to Naval Ravikant’s list of >170 recommended books, not one of which is by a woman

I will add to this list as I hear of more books. All are non-fiction and about science, engineering, medicine, psychology, or business. One day I will rank and review…

Even adult, trained scientists aren’t objective. Science is incredibly biased by culture and changes with culture.

Anatomy is the perfect example, as it’s one of the most simple, hard, objective sciences there is. Theoretically, it’s extremely difficult to mess up. And yet really smart people go to dissect an entire…

1,238 words describe male external genitalia. 538 words describe female external genitalia.

527 describe the penis. 85 words describe the clitoris.

7 figures illustrate male external genital anatomy. 2 figures illustrate female external genital anatomy.

Detailed anatomy of the penis, including nerves and vessels, is described. Detailed anatomy of the clitoris is omitted.

The only clinical remark about the clitoris is it may be too large.

Erection and ejaculation are described for men (additionally in sections on internal male genitalia). No mention of the role of the clitoris or other external female genitals in female orgasm or sexual response beyond arousal is made.

Risks to sexual function not discussed, surgical anatomy omitted, function of labia minora unacknowledged, use of “rejuvenate” is medical fraud, claims of causes of hypertrophy also unsupported, fraudulent.

Medscape claims labiaplasty is a procedure that “rejuvenates” the female genitalia. Yet there is no evidence of any positive correlation between age and labia minora size after puberty. Meanwhile, labia minoa are well known to shrink with menopause. Claims that labiaplasty is “rejuvenating” are fraudulent and misleading.

Most of Medscape’s…

Jessica Pin

Getting clitoral neural anatomy included in OB/GYN textbooks. It was finally added for the first time in July 2019. BME/EE @WUSTL

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