Female Author Book List

This is a response to Naval Ravikant’s list of >170 recommended books, not one of which is by a woman

I will add to this list as I hear of more books. All are non-fiction and about science, engineering, medicine, psychology, or business. One day I will rank and review them all. So far, Willful Blindness and Mindset are my favorites that I have read (all read books are marked with *). Nothing about these 2 books is gendered. Every person can read and benefit from them.

A few books on this list do pertain to women’s issues. 4 are just on how bias leads to substandard healthcare for women. But why shouldn't men read about problems that affect women? Surely they care about their mothers, wives, and daughters?

  1. Margaret Heffernan Willful Blindness*
  2. Carol Dweck Mindset*
  3. Mary Roach Bonk*, Stiff*
  4. Bethany McLean The Smartest Guys in the Room, All the Devils Are Here
  5. Sheryl Sandberg Option B*, Lean In
  6. Liz Wiseman Multipliers
  7. Caroline Criado Perez Invisible Women*
  8. Maria Konnikova The Biggest Bluff
  9. Hannah Fry Hello World, The Complete Guide to Absolutely Everything
  10. Francesca Gino Rebel Talent
  11. Katy Mack The End of Everything
  12. Soraya Chemaly Rage Becomes Her*
  13. Laura Huang Edge
  14. Angela Saini Inferior
  15. Cathy O’Neal Weapons of Math Destruction
  16. Elinor Cleghorn Unwell Women
  17. Julia Galef The Scout Mindset
  18. Cordelia Fine Delusions of Gender
  19. Leah Feldman Barrett How Emotions Are Made
  20. Arianna Huffington Thrive
  21. Wednesday Martin Untrue
  22. Angela Duckworth Grit
  23. Alyson McGregor Sex Matters
  24. Annie Duke How to Decide, Thinking in Bets
  25. Jane Jacobs The Death and Life of Great American Cities
  26. Jennifer Eberhardt Biased
  27. Katy Milkman How to Change
  28. Kim Scott Radical Candor
  29. Laura Major What To Expect When You’re Expecting Robots
  30. Gina Rippon The Gendered Brain
  31. Rosabeth Moss Kanter Think Outside the Building
  32. Steffanie Strathdee The Perfect Predator
  33. Esther Perel Mating in Captivity*
  34. Glennon Doyle Untamed
  35. Susan Cain Quiet
  36. Brene Brown Daring Greatly, Dare to Lead
  37. Susan Fowler Whistleblower
  38. Maya Dusenbery Doing Harm
  39. Giulia Enders Gut
  40. Nicole Forsgren Accelerate
  41. Abigail Shrier Irreversible Damage
  42. Rose George Nine Pints
  43. Kate Manne Down Girl
  44. Elizabeth Wurtzel Bitch
  45. Mahzarin Banaji Blindspot
  46. Sue Lloyd-Roberts The War on Women
  47. Jennifer Block Everything Below the Waist
  48. Gabrielle Jackson Pain and Prejudice
  49. Renee Engeln Beauty Sick
  50. Margot Lee Shetterly Hidden Figures
  51. Kate Moore The Radium Girls
  52. Amanda Montell Wordslut
  53. Sue Johnson Hold Me Tight
  54. Dr. Laurie Mintz Becoming Cliterate*
  55. Betty Dodson Sex by Design



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